Carbo2 HPX

Latest-generation easy-tech tabletop instrument for microinjection of medical carbon dioxide (CO2) administered subcutaneously and intradermally and transdermal insufflation of hyperbaric oxygen (O2).

E.A.S.T. HP - Electrical Arc Sublimation Therapy

No-Scalpel Small Surgery

Carbo2 HP

Safe treatment, with no toxic risk, absolutely indispensable for your health, beauty and physique.

iClean 14

Colon hydrotherapy apparatus to cleanse the entire large intestine, from the rectum up to the caecum.

Carbo2 HPT

Easy tech, latest generation and trasportable device for medical carbon dioxide micro-injections. Designed for the traveling doctor.


MULTI-FREQUENCY is a new conception of diathermy with an application that is both resistant and high capacity thanks to two inter-changeable out-flows.


Malfunction of the intestinal canal is the precondition of many health problems, especially for chronic pathologies.

Air Press

The AIRPRESS is the most accredited technique for maintenance of healthy limbs. This can be carried out daily and there are no particular counter-indications, with the exception of acute phlebitis, advanced pregnancy and the presence of varicose veins and so drip-thrombosis.


Whenever the skin appears to be without any tone, malnourished, marked with wrinkles or with cellulite or other imperfections, the problem is often caused by dysfunctioning of the deep strata of the skin, the derma or the sub-cutis.