Carbo2 HP
1 April 2016

Carbo2 HPX

Latest-generation easy-tech tabletop instrument for microinjection of medical carbon dioxide (CO2) administered subcutaneously and intradermally and transdermal insufflation of hyperbaric oxygen (O2).

  • “N.P.S.” (No Pain System): thanks to a particular pair of patented proportional valves controlled by an internal microprocessor, which controls the opening and therefore the delivery level and temperature of the outlet gas in total respect of the coefficient of thermal expansion of the gas, making this a system that is considered pain-free during treatment
  • Individually wrapped sterile disposable tubes without needle (30G 13mm needle)
  • Internal tank in sterile material
  • Dedicated software with standard and customisable programs
  • Parameter setting guided by menu with icons and text
  • Parameter display with 8"colour touch screen graphic display
  • Rotary encoder commands and start and stop buttons
  • Feedback control system with digital sensors for temperature, hyper-/hypo-pressure, filtering and CO2 supply
  • Alarms and sensors for high temperature heatsink, overpressure or lack of pressure, proportional valve anomaly clog filters
  • Microprocessor controls of all parameters and operation of the power supply
  • Gas sterilisation by UV rays



Carboxytherapy is a therapy used in medicine for the treatment of various diseases, by subcutaneous and intradermal administration of carbon dioxide in the gaseous state...

Carbo2 HPX treatments

Info and Features

Applications and effects
  • Treatment of cellulite and localised adiposity
  • Pre- and post-surgery
  • Revitalisation of skin areas
  • Vulvar rejuvenation
  • Improved tissue oxygenation
  • Improved circulation
  • Vasodilatation of the arteries
  • Treatment of patients with arteriopathy, microcirculation stasis (average venous insufficiency) in angiology
  • Treatment of arthro-rheumatic diseases and periarthritis in orthopaedics

The total versatility of this therapy can also be combined with others to optimise the effects, such as LED photobiomodulation therapy, medical cavitation and others described by doctors.

The use of 100% pure hyperbaric O2, insufflated superficially and not in contact with the skin, is to complete the treatment with CO2 obtains a detoxifying action that nourishes and revitalises the cells of the epidermis through a bacteriostatic action similar to that of hydrogen peroxide
Technical Data
  • Power supply: 220-240 Vac 50/60 Hz
  • Absorption: 50VA
  • Inlet gas pressure: 1,5 – 3,5 bars max
  • Flow rate: from 1 cc/15sec to 150 cc/15sec (600 cc/min)
  • Treatment timer: from 1 to 99 min
  • Indication of the volume supplied: from 0 ml to 15,000 ml
  • Safety class: electric IIB
  • Circuit safety devices: feedback on all power supply outputs protected against DC
  • Weight: 4 Kg
  • Dimensions:
    • Width 44 cm
    • Height 33 cm
    • Depth 15 cm