Carbo2 HP
1 April 2016

Carbo2 HPT

Safe treatment, with no toxic risk, absolutely indispensable for your health, beauty
and physique

  • The latest generation and trasportable of easy-tech instruments for the micro-injection of medicinal carbon dioxide (CO2) , administered either subcutaneously or intra-dermally
  • Specialised Software for both standard and personalised programs
  • Feedback control with digital sensors for temperature, hyper and low pressure, filters and (CO2) distribution
  • Sterile internal reservoir
  • N.P.S.’ (No-Pain System) A special pair of patented proportional valves controlled with an internal piloting micro-processor (guided by algorithms), controls the opening and therefore the amount and temperature of the gas in strict relationship with a co-efficient for the thermal expansion of the gas. Thanks to this, we can say that the system eliminates all pain during therapy.
  • Disposable tubes, with individual and sterile packaging without needles (needles 25-27-28-30G 13mm)
  • Instrumentation strictly adheres to current European regulation and Certified Medical Device CE 0068 class IIBF, Ministerial Health regulation BD/RDM 763147 – CND Z12040299
  • Authorized Certifying Institution



    Carboxy-therapy is used in medicine to treat various pathologies, by administering sub- carbon dioxide subcutaneously and intra-dermally, as a gas...

    Carbo2 HP Treatments

    Technical data

    Application and effects
    • Cellulite treatment and localization of adiposity
    • Pre-post-surgical operation
    • Revitalization of cutaneous areas
    • Vulvar Reinvigoration
    • Improvement of tissue oxygenation
    • Improvement of circulation
    • Dilatation of arteries
    • Treatment of arterio-pathic patients, macro-circulation stasis (medium venous insufficiency) in angiology
    • Orthopaedic Treatment of arto-rheumatic pathologies and peri-arthritis

    The complete versatility of this therapy allows combination with other therapies for optimal effects, for example with Led photo-bio-modulation, medical cavitation and other medical requirements.
    Technical characteristics
    • Electrical:: 230 Vac 50/60 Hz
    • Voltage: 50VA, Fuse 2x 2T1A
    • Gas In- Pressure: from 1,5 to 3,8 bar max
    • Gas flow: from 1 cc/15sec to 150 cc/15sec (600 cc/min)
    • Display: Color display touch from 10.4*
    • Functional temperature: from 30 to 42°C
    • Relative working humidity: < 70% (no condensed)
    • Storage temperature: 0 - 55° C
    • Relative humidity: < 80% no condensed
    • Dimension:
      • Length 44 cm
      • Heigh 33 cm
      • Width 15 cm
    • Electrical safety class IIB
    • Weight: 2,5 kg