Carbo2 HP
1 April 2016

iClean 14

Simple, safe and portable hydro-colon therapy

Colon hydrotherapy apparatus to cleanse the entire large intestine, from the rectum up to the caecum.

Effects of colon hydrotherapy

The abnormal functioning of the intestinal canal predisposes subjects to many health problems, especially in chronic diseases. Restoring physiological intestinal elimination is often of primary importance and is essential to restore a healthy state.
Colon hydrotherapy is the most complete form of washing thanks to the regulation of the temperature and flow of water that helps cleanse the entire large intestine, from the rectum up to the caecum.

Silent and painless application

The therapeutic effects of this washing lead to improved intestinal tone and peristalsis right from the first application.


Indications for colon hydrotherapy

  • Aesthetic Medicine: cellulite, acne, food intolerance, nutrition therapy
  • Gaestroenterology: constipation, parasitosis, diarrhoea, diverticulosis, fungal infections, bloating and flatulence, food intolerances, preparation for colonoscopy
  • Dermatology: psoriasis, dermatosis, acne
  • Circulatory problems: cellulite, lymphoedema


Indications and Features

  • It is not connected to the electricity grid
  • Water temperature control with electronic security system with acoustic alarm
  • Pressure control with pressure switch, safety valve and acoustic alarm
  • Control of the drainage system with automatic anti-clogging valve
  • Hydraulic system composed of no. 5 anti-return valves
  • Special Pall filter application with membrane device that filters up to 0.2m avoiding the passage of legionella, pseudomonas and fungi
  • Disposable speculum with safety belt with patent no. 01318041. The disposable speculum has a corrugated tube 1.5 metres long that does not bend and create pockets of stagnation. Instead the belt guarantees an anchoring system for the specola that allows it to not be expelled
  • Easily portable thanks to the supplied transportation kit
  • A kit of specific elements allows it to be connected to any sink
Technical Data
  • Dimensions: LxWxH 50x35x28 cm
  • Inlet gas pressure: up to 3 bars
  • Outlet gas pressure: up to 220 mbars
  • Indication of the volume supplied: from 0 ml to 15,000 ml
  • Output flow (interval): 0-2 l/min