Technical Assistance

DTA Medical also offers specialized and maintenance technical assistance for both new and used electrical-medical instruments.
Thanks to its specialized and experienced personnel, who are always up-dated, the company assures technical assistance 7/7, including holidays.

Thanks to our long experience with specialized technicians in the electro-medical sector, we can assure efficient and quality technical support for the maintenance and calibration of electro-medical instruments.

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A board di consultants actively work with us to offer assistance and consultancy on materials, legal and specific insurance issues for professionals in the medical field.
These dedicated allies are of the utmost importance to be able to steer through the bureaucracy and problems facing doctors, which need to be faced but all too often are not given their due attention.


OEM Instruments

Dedicated planning, creation and production of personalized instruments.

This service is dedicated to companies, which intend to plan, create and produce their own ad instruments to sell under their own brand.
Our staff can guide them during the initial stages of the planning and production phases in our own laboratories and finally assist in completing the specific technical data for EC certification, whether this is aesthetic, or medical as well as non-EU certification.