2 April 2016
2 April 2016


MULTI-FREQUENCY is a new conception of diathermy with an application that is both resistant and high capacity thanks to two inter-changeable out-flows.

MULTYFREQUENCY is certified CE and applies with the EU Directive 2006/95/CE (LVD) e 2004/108/CE (EMC).

Innovative Technology

It stimulates natural regenerative processes, by means of its atonic and oxygenating activity. In this way, recovery times are considerably reduced and positive effects can be achieved with only a few applications.

It is a diathermy, which transfers biocompatible energy, stimulating tissues from within, with a dynamic electrical current. The induction of this current is by means of the alternate movement of attraction and opposition of the ions electrical current. These are the essential elements of each biological substrata.

The innovative technology of MULTIFREQUENCY is based on the fact that the human body, as we have known for a long time, represents an RC current. That is, the human body is the electrical equivalent of a parallel between resistance and a condenser. This electrical equivalence allows energy transfer from one area to another by modulating the electrical frequency. Thus, the application does not depend solely on a specific means of application but rather on the type of frequency applied.

Data and Characteristics

Safety and High Technology
MULTIFREQUENCY underlines the commitment of our company in the fields of aesthetic medicine, wellness and beauty.

Our basic philosophy is to offer professionals in these sectors, an easy and simple to use instrument.

The technology and safety features of MULTIFREQUENCY give us an uncompromised instrument. It guarantees of safety for the patient and operator to the maximum degree, applying with the sectors regulation and also includes a special means of control of out-currents to avoid any unwanted emissions.

MULTIFREQUENCY is a Human-Oriented diathermy, designed around a simple but functional graphic interface.

With a touch screen for complete understanding of any pathological parameters, it is possible to interact with the instrument in complete safety and efficiency.

MULTIFREQUENCY incorporates the FSP (Fisio Security Processor) system, which allows treatment only if initial levels are at zero once START has been pressed.
Brands and Regulation
MULTIFREQUENCY is designed for aesthetic medical use, in conformity with the essential requisites of the following Health Regulations:
  • 2006/95/CE Directive LVD
  • 2004/108/CE Directive EMC
  • 98/37/CE Directive INSTRUMENTS
  • 93/42/CE Directive for electrical appliances

It conforms with the requisites of products under the following technical regulation:
  • CEI EN 50082-1: Electromagnetic compatibility, generic laws concerning immunity. Residential, commercial and Light Industry Environmental legislation
  • CEI EN 50081-1: Electromagnetic compatibility, generic laws concerning emissions (Part 1). Residential, commercial and Generic Industry legislation
  • CEI 62-39: Electrical appliances for aesthetic use, general safety guidelines