Warranty of DTA Medical instruments

1) The device is guaranteed 24 months from the date of purchase, which must be proved by the Fiscal document of delivery (delivery note certifying the date of purchase and/or invoice) to be inserted the number in the required field.

2) The warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of individual parts or pieces that result from faulty manufacture.

3) The warranty is void if routine annual maintenance is not performed.

4) Are excluded from the warranty failures or damage resulting from poor maintenance, improper power supply, negligence or inexperience, as well as parts subject to normal wear and tear of use (VARIOUS ACCESSORIES) including video and control board.

5) The warranty is void if the unit has been opened, tampered with or repaired by unauthorized personnel.

6) The faulty unit must be repaired by an authorized technician at your center/office or at our Service Center. The costs and risks of transportation are the responsibility of the purchaser.

7) The warranty does not contemplate in any case the replacement of the device, the technical time of repair does not involve temporal extension of the warranty that remains 24 months from the date of the delivery document.

8) In case of dispute on the application of the warranty. The purchaser will not be able to suspend or delay the payment of the price or of the purchase instalments. 9) No compensation may be claimed by the purchaser for the stoppage of the equipment.

10) No compensation may be claimed for direct or indirect damages of any nature whatsoever to persons or things due to the use or suspension of use of the equipment.

11) For any controversy the competent court is the Court of Milan.
As partial exception to the provisions of chapter 13 (warranty terms) of the CARBO2 instrumentation user manual, the warranty extends for a further period of 36 (thirty-six) months, for a total of 5 years and / or 8,000 treatments without prejudice to the provisions in chapter 13 of the manual and excluding a priori video and speed up proportional valves.

This extension provides without fail the obligation of annual maintenance and / or the achievement of no. 1,000 treatments (replacement of filter, control of supply flows and visual and instrumental control of all parts subject to wear and software update); Failure to carry out the scheduled annual ordinary check, which must be carried out from the first year, of the instrumentation will immediately invalidate this extension of warranty ipso jure as well as any intervention carried out by unauthorized personnel or by unauthorized service centers.