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Information ex art. 13 D.lgs. 196/2003

Information ex art. 13 D.lgs. 196/2003
Dear Sir/Madam,
we would like to inform you that legislation D.lgs. n. 196 of 30th June 2003, (“law code covering the protection of private data”) safeguards both individuals and other subjects in regards to access to private data.
According to this legislation, access is limited by principals of correctness, legality and transparency to safeguard your privacy and rights.
In appliance with article 13 of the D.lgs. n.196/2003, we therefore would like to inform you of the following:
1 Any data you supply us with will be treated for the following purpose only ; commercial aims
2 Safeguard of data will be made through appropriate instruments guaranteeing privacy and may also occur by means of automated processes designed to manage these data
3 Permission to use data is obligatory and any possible refusal could imply breaking the given contract
4 Data will not be communicated or given away to third parties
5 The owner of this treatment of data is: ACEA Medica Srl – Viale Coni Zugna, 71 – 20144 Milano (Mi)
6 The person responsible for the treatment of data is: Alessandro Tassi
7 The national representative is: Alessandro Tassi
8 You may exercise the right in respect to the holder of the data as specified by legislation article.7 del D.lgs.196/2003, which we have reproduced completely here:

Legislative Decree n.196/2003, Art. 7 – Right of access of personal data and other rights

1 The interested party has the right to confirmation of whether personal data, which may affect them or not, even if this is not recorded, and to be communicated concerning this data in an intelligible form.

2 The interested party has the right to understand:
a)   the origins of the personal data
b)   the aims and means of any treatment of this data
c)   Any logic used to apply electronic instruments to data treatment
d)   of any identifying details of the owner, the agent responsible and any designated representatives according to article 5, clause 2
e)   Of any subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data is communicated to, by the national delegated representative, or responsible agent for this data

3 The interested party has the right to get:
a)   any up-dates, changes to or whenever applicable, integration of this data
b)  the cancellation, transformation into an anonymous form or block of any data treatment which violates the law, including whenever data is conserved, apart from the original aim of the data or subsequent treatment of the data
c)   Guarantee that, according to clause a) and b), which he/she is aware of, including for their content, to whom the data has been communicated, except in cases when this information is impossible or involves obviously disproportionate amount of time to acquire
4 The interested party has the right to oppose, in whole or in part:
a)   for any motives linked to the treatment of private data that affects them, including concerning the aim of the collection of this data
b)   to the treatment of personal data which affects them in respect to advertising material or direct sale, or used to carry out market research or commercial communications

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In this cookie policy, we have described the cookies used on this site. We would like to point out that the use of session-cookies (not memorized on the user’s computer and which disappear once the browser is closed) allows each session to be identified (these are random numbers generated by the server), which are necessary to allow safe and efficient surfing of this site.
These session cookies means we can avoid the use of other computer techniques, which could possibly compromise navigation privacy and would not allow the acquisition of user personal identification data.
What is a cookie?
We would invite you to read the following detailed description of cookies. This is to give all useful information concerning their use and possible modification of your browser’s settings.

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Registered Visitors
We reserve the right to analyse online activity of registered visitors to our web site and services using cookies and other traceable technology. If you have chosen to receive our communication, we can use cookies and other traceable technology to personalize future communication based on your interests.
Furthermore, we reserve the right to use cookie and other traceable technology within our communication you may receive from us (for example, to understand if messages have been read or opened or to show us with which contents you have consulted or which links you have opened), so as to make future communication ever more in line with your needs.
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